Our Story



The story of Clothez Exchange begins with a wonderful woman, my mother, Margaret Scott. In 1980, she visited a ladies consignment store here in Amarillo Texas named Noni's Nearly New. Margaret was intrigued by the idea of consignment for clothing. She immediately saw the need for this type retail store to include children's clothing, because the one thing that children do best is GROW! She contacted friends from work and church and began with ONE rack of children's clothing inside Noni's shop. She moved on to other small locations, calling her store Adelle's Attic (after myself, a young teen at the time) and soon into a partnership with another woman. Together, they created Kibler's Kloset, located in the South Georgia Center in 1982.
In 1986, Margaret bought out her partner and opened the first Children's Exchange store in Fleetwood Shopping Center before moving to Mayco Shopping Center in 1988. During these years, she drove a large, yellow Children's Exchange van, and to my utter embarrassment as a teenager, insisted on picking me up from Fannin Middle school.
The store continued to grow and expand so that in 2000, she moved to our current location, back to South Georgia Center. We began consigning Ladies and Maternity clothing and gradually expanded our inventory to include Plus sizes, Juniors, Men's clothing and accessories.
As of 2006, the business is owned and operated by myself (no longer a teenager), my wonderful husband (partner in crime) Eugene and 20 of the most amazing, hard-working women in the world.
Oh how I wish I still had that yellow van!
The basic system of the consignment process my mother "invented" over 30 years ago is still in place and we have expanded our services to offer cash up front and two types of consignments accounts along with a name change to Clothez Exchange to better describe our ever-growing inventory. I am so thankful to my mother for the amazing foundation she created to allow me my life's work. We have an abundance of gratitude to the customers and consignors that continue to support this small business.  Thanks Amarillo!